SXDOOL Cooling!cooling system learning packages Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier TEC1-12706 Cold plate refrigeration learning kit

SXDOOL Cooling!cooling system learning packages Thermoelectric Cooler Peltier TEC1-12706 Cold plate refrigeration learning kit


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Various pro: now on sale the new version of semiconductor refrigeration learning packages, the old models no longer for sale

This kit is a new entry version, detailed description stay tuned

The kit list:

1, a dedicated 12V6A switching power supply ...

2, refrigeration piece TEC1-12706 ... 1 Ge

Refrigeration piece dedicated radiator ... 1 set

4, supporting fan ... a cold end

5, special insulation pad ... 1

6, thermal grease ... 2 package

7, Suite screw ... 1 package

8, disassemble a screwdriver ...

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The kit part name, get the goods, please check the number is correct then the next step

The following installation procedure is described to the novice, may be a bit long-winded, but very detailed! Novice can learn under

1, first find out the following accessories stand turn name - refrigeration tablets - insulation pad - heat sink thermal grease

2, the following package required screws order fixing screws, conduction-cooled block screws, screws and a big fan of small fan screws

3, Suite 2 packs of thermal grease, remove a package first coated with the hot surface of the cooling piece, while the self-adhesive layer insulation pad torn off

4, see Fig. 1 first heat pad centered and paste it, and then refer to Figure 2 iceberg ripped into them, refrigeration piece silicone grease to snapping heatsink

Ultimately snapping the following figure, you can see the model of the cooling piece If you do, and I, like you, have a little trick in order to let the hot surface and the heat sink cooling piece close contact finger suppress cooling piece Akira a few, so contact the better of course, the heat will better friends

6, cold noodles (surface) word also Figure layer of thermal grease must be evenly coated place

7, the conduction-cooled block screw and screwdriver on the refrigeration piece of good screw holes, ready to guide cold block

8, this step is very critical with conduction the cold block screws tighten the two screws to conduction-cooled block must be evenly tighten force, complete the following figure

9, followed with a big fan screws to install the fan and protected network with the fan to the inside of the trademark following figure a demo installation process

10 After installation should be as follows shown carefully controlled under

11, the cooling chip and fan line peel screwed together connected to the power supply terminals, must pay attention to the positive and negative, screw must lock installation, after confirmation can energized test1 minute cold block cold end flac touch guide, it should be very cold, congratulations