24 Colors 6000pcs 5mm Aquabeads Perlen Magic Water Spray Beads Aqua Beads Children 3D Puzzles Toys Set Educational Kids Toys

24 Colors 6000pcs 5mm Aquabeads Perlen Magic Water Spray Beads Aqua Beads Children 3D Puzzles Toys Set Educational Kids Toys


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With colorful Aquabeads,
your child can make amazing bead art creations!!!

What is Aquabeads?

* Aquabeads is a fun and safe product for children to enjoy hours of creative fun! Aquabeads is perfect for children ages 4 years and up.

* Aquabeads are unique beads that stick together with water. No heat is necessary so children can enjoy the whole process from the beginning to the end which will give them great satisfaction.

* It was developed in Japan, where it has been successful in the market since 2004. Now it is sold in more than 30 countries.

Aquabeads Ingredients

* It has been confirmed by third-party testing laboratories that Aquabeads conform to the toy safety standards of various countries globally, such as EN71 and ASTM F963. In addition, all ingredients have been assessed by experts and confirmed to conform to the United States art materials standard ASTM D4236.

* The main ingredient in the beads is PVOH (PVA/polyvinyl alcohol). There have been no reports to suggest that PVOH is toxic. It has also been approved as a pharmaceutical excipient (additive), and is used in coatings for pills/tablets etc. It is also used in other products including cosmetics such as beauty lotion, packaging materials for food products and the glue used in stamps of the type that are affixed by applying moisture.

* A bittering agent has been added to the beads to prevent children from accidentally eating/swallowing them. This bittering agent is deemed to have no effects on health. In the event that the beads accidentally enter your child\'s mouth, rinse with water to remove the bitter taste that remains. There are also cases in which some bittering agent may remain adhered to the hands after play, so please wash the hands thoroughly after use.

If you accidentally swallow the beads

* The beads contain no ingredients that are harmful to health, but we recommend seeking medical examination by a doctor.

If you accidentally insert the beads into your ear

* Please seek immediate medical attention by your child’s physician. If you attempt to remove the beads yourself there is a danger that the beads may go deeper into the ear canal, or cause injury to the ear.

* The beads become adhesive due to moisture. Beads may be more difficult to remove once bonded to inside of the ears. Please refrain from taking a bath or shower etc. until your child has undergone a medical examination by a doctor.

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